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Take a look at our gallery. But why not come and see The Wollaston Inn for yourself? Hope to see you soon. Cheers!

The Wollaston Inn
Hhmmmm – chips
The dining room
Summer fun at The Wollaston
Mask information
Amber nectar
Guinees.Black gold
Outdoor covered seating
A message from Louise and her team
Beer, beer and more beer
Main bar and fireplace
Sunday lunch – chicken yumminess
Homemade pies
Max in front of the fire
Call ahead to ‘book table’!!

Add to the gallery

Do you have a lovely photo of The Wollaston Inn? Perhaps you’ve taken a great snap of a delicious meal? Or a particularly stylish photo of a thirst-quenching drink? Or perhaps a captured moment with the ones that you love? You can email or WhatsApp us your photos to include in the gallery.

So if photography is your jam or you just happen to have taken a corker feel free to submit. Probably worth adding that if they feature people you should have their permission to publish. Only photos that you own (you took) should be sent.

Thanks and hope to see you very soon at The Wollaston Inn! Cheers.

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